Is working from home or remote job the future of work?

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Coronavirus Pandemic has been changed the work style of every industry worldwide. Most of the employees are working from home or switching their jobs to a remote job.

That’s why the question is: Is working from home or remote job the future of work?

Work from home before & after coronavirus pandemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the employees used to go to the office for work. Most of the companies were not providing work from home facilities. But now due to COVID-19 Companies don’t have any other option except work from home. Most of the research says that employees are more productive in work from home than work from an office and some are saying that this pandemic was the testing period for work from home. And lots of companies are thinking about providing work from home or remote jobs to 50% of their employees in the future. Because of remote job companies can hire the best employees globally.

Will work style change forever?

Some research found that work from home can boost employee productivity, improve work/life balance, and better mental health.

Some employers are thinking a bit extra about their employees to provide some virtual happy hours at work from home like virtual coffee breaks to foster a sense of community and cheer.

Who can work from home and who can’t?

As we think that working from is good in many aspects but never forget it’s “a sign of privilege” and everyone is not a privilege here. Only knowledge workers – computer-based jobs can work for home but In India, millions of workers – from grocery clerk to construction workers - don’t have that luxury.

Also remember, some people are working remotely aren’t doing so because their employers like it, because it’s become a necessity to gets the job done.

Some of the remote job experts say that “Future of work has arrived.” So what do you think? Share your views in the comment section.

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